Ear Otoscope

Smart Visual Ear Cleaner


Quick Specs:

Camera Pixel: 3.0mega pixels                         

Battery: 130 mAh 3.7V

Working time /charging time: 30 mins

Input current: 5V/300mA

Weight: 13g

Colour: Black

Lens diameter: 4.5mm

Gyroscope: 3 Axis      





Dedicated mobile application(iOS and Android)  - photo and video capture

Wireless connection to your mobile phone


Comes with 6 x LED lights on the top & 4.5mm extremely thin nozzle diameter


A 3-megapixel camera is used to clearly check the condition of the ear.


Not only can the ears be checked, but also the eyes, nose, mouth, skin, hair, etc.


1080P resolution


Very safe & convenient to use



Ear Otoscope

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